Things to Ask a Wedding Planner before Hiring.

Things to Ask a Wedding Planner before Hiring.

Are you contemplating on hiring a professional wedding planner? There are some important things which you must ask your wedding planner before you actually select them. Here is a long list of questions you can exactly ask your wedding planner.

Here are some tips to share. Couples often rush down to book their wedding venues before they decide their budget or have a discussion with a planner. They hardly realize that a wedding planner can get the best negotiation made for the venue. Just remember, once a deposit is paid for a wedding venue it becomes very difficult even for the wedding planner to re-negotiate over it. Hence, the sooner you ask all the necessary thing with the wedding planner the better.

Remember you must not blindly select a wedding planner just because the Google reviews say that they are the popular ones. Not even if they are proclaimed as budget wedding planners. Your selection of an expert must be based on what they are offering you.


List of questions to ask the wedding planner before hiring

  • How much in advance shall I hire you for the wedding planning?
  • Will you be present all along from start to the end of the wedding day?
  • Do I need to make an advance payment made?
  • Is there any formal contract which I shall sign?
  • What wedding payment packages you offer?
  • Is the total price a consolidated one covering everything? Or are there any extra payments to be made?
  • Are your charges a flat fee or an hourly or percentage based?
  • Do you charge extra for any specific dates like national holidays?
  • Please tell us the list of services you offer?
  • Do you cover everything related to wedding planning or there are some limitations?
  • Is your wedding package flexible?
  • What is the arrival and departure time of your team?
  • Do you have any specific requirements?
  • Do you want us to arrange meals for the team?
  • Can you show us feedbacks and photographs of past clients so I can speak to them?
  • How many weddings have your team planned so far?
  • What is your wedding planning training background?
  • What is your business experience? Is this your primary job or a part-time?
  • How did you get into this business initially?
  • Have you ever planned a wedding which has similar budget and number of guest as I have?
  • How many weddings are you planning usually at the same time?
  • Have you made theme based weddings before? If yes, please show us some photographs.
  • Will you guide me and recommend vendors in relation to the wedding?
  • Is it mandatory to select vendors recommended by you or are we free to bring ours?
  • Do you pass on the discounts given to you by the vendors to the clients? Or do you work on a commission basis?
  • If there are any vendor related issues will you be there to support us?
  • Will be planning and executing supplier tasks like delivery, payments, confirmations etc
  • I have no idea what will be the style of the wedding. Can you suggest some options?
  • If we wish to hire you exclusively are you open to that? What are its terms?
  • Are you limited to the number of meetings to be made for the wedding or are you flexible with it?
  • What are your overtime fees?
  • How can we best get in touch with you during any phase of the entire wedding planning?
  • If we arrange a rehearsal dinner or a brunch post-wedding, will you be available during these times?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • What happens if the wedding is cancelled or I fall sick?
  • Do you have any specific set of questions to ask me?

As an efficient wedding planner, your chosen team must always portray an attitude to solve problems. Things can go wrong in big events such as weddings. Everyone is aware of that. However, an approach of troubleshooting and being by the side of the bride and the groom are the true attributes of an ideal wedding planner.