DIY Wedding Planning Step by Step

DIY Wedding Invitations

The best-recommended option any day will be to have a professional wedding planner who can look into every nitty-gritty elements of the wedding. However, if you are a go-getter and wish to go for a Do-It-Yourself or DIY wedding, then it has no harm as well. This article then must be the first on your reading reference list. A DIY wedding is highly popular in western countries. In India, it is yet to catch the focus. This is because most Indian weddings are huge and involve not just the couple but their family, friends and a large portion of the community. This is why in most Indian weddings, it is the elderly who takes up the entire responsibility on their shoulders or even hire a professional wedding planner.

What is a DIY Wedding?

A DIY wedding means a wedding which is done by your own self from its inception to its completion. It requires a meticulous amount of planning and a 100% certainty about every element associated with the wedding. It is always a wise idea to do a DIY wedding since it can be a lifetime experience for an individual. It also opens up new opportunities to know your to-be spouse in a better way.

If you and your partner are chilled out people who can remain calm and relaxed even in the midst of a mess then a DIY wedding is just something you both cannot miss!

Step by Step DIY Wedding Planning Recommendation

Plan on the Ceremonies – Weddings are about a series of ceremonies. Especially, if the wedding is a traditional one it does involve many important ceremonies before and after the actual wedding day. One, however, has the liberty to chose and customize ceremonies as per their choice and budget. Hence, the first step while planning the wedding all by yourself, you are recommended to print the exact number of ceremonies you are looking forward to.

Create a Budget – It is then time to set the budget.  This budget will act as a framework within which the entire DIY wedding planning will be made.

Plan on the Venue Every city has numerous wedding venues available. However, when the wedding season sets in they soon become unavailable. In case you are doing your wedding planning all by yourself you can make preparations beforehand. Do check by visiting your shortlisted venues personally with your fiancé and make a list of available dates for the coming months.

Set a Fixed Date A traditional Indian wedding most of the time takes place on any holy or auspicious day. It is important at this stage to set the tentative wedding date. Having a number of mutually agreed wedding day choices can be of immense help. Do not forget to set the date as per your research findings from the wedding venues.

Check out on Suppliers and Finalise Them A number of supplies are needed to be made in a wedding. Starting from florists, decorations, lighting, food, music, cleaning, transportation or printing photographs, you will need to negotiate with an end number of suppliers.

Design and Send out Wedding Invitations – Once the guest list is made the wedding invitations must be set out. Make sure that the wedding invitation cards are sent out well in advance for your guests to give them some time to prepare.

Plan Your Prints – The only thing that you take back home from the wedding day is the memory. Memories are usually in the form of endless snaps and video clips. These will be your forever happily ever after wedding gift so take time to plan to get them printed and organized.

Relax and Enjoy the Day The most important thing people often forget to do in a DIY wedding planning is they forget to have fun and relax. You must plan to make sure that the entire process is an enjoyable one not just for you, but also for your loved one.

One of the many things which can come really handy is a Checklist. Before starting out any planning, spend the time to make your entire checklist and just follow it one by one. Doing everything by your own self is a kind of a joy which cannot be matched with anything else. Especially, when you are one tying the knot, this can indeed be a memorable experience.