Jewish – Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations

A bat mitzvah is not a celebration of a day but the celebration of a person. It is a Jewish tradition of disclosing adulthood. According to this tradition when a girl turns 12, and a boy 13, they officially become bat mitzvahs who are from then on accountable for their own actions. They accept to adulthood and then on live the life of adults. Even if to others they are still teens and they only descend into adulthood after they have reached the age of eighteen years, Jewish traditions are different.

As, thus, it is not surprising that the Jewish cards that are used as invites for bat mitzvahs are also different. Bar and bat mitzvah themed Jewish cards are very specific. While some have the Jewish Menorah logos on them. Some have the Torah and some have the Kippah on them and some carry both the Torah and the Kippah on the front of the card with the details following. Sometimes a card is simple with only the details on the front page with the design on the Torah, which is very important to Jewish people and thus is a part of Jewish Cards. Thus, there needs to be a certain amount of dedication that needs to go behind building these cards because the menorah logos or the Torah and Kippah cannot be portrayed wrong. And thus, trusting companies like, who have been in the invitation card making business for years for things like these, is not really a bad idea.