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We know that weddings are always special, they are a once in a lifetime affair where so many things go hand in hand to make the event a success. We at IndianWeddingCards .in understand the pain it takes to manage every single aspect of your wedding and hope to ease your job when it comes to wedding invites. A wedding invite is extremely important. It kind of sets the tone of the events to unfold.

A Muslim wedding is one that is synonymous with prayers and religious symbols. Our experienced team of card designers understand the various nuances that are involved with a Muslim wedding and translate them accurately in the wedding invites.

Take a look through our wide range of wedding invitations and you will realize that each one of them is unique, fresh, elegant,and stylish and depicts the Indian culture to the T. Not only, are these wedding invites simply stunning to look at but they also can be customized as per your requirements and preference.

Here are a few of the signature Muslim Wedding Cards that we have on offer:

Royal Designer cards: If you want to extend the royal treatment to your guests, then look nowhere else. Our collection of royal Nikah and Walima invites are too dying for, they are rich and vibrant in color. If you browse through the range, then you will realize that the cards are made of colorful hues and traditional designs with elephants and peacocks depicting the Indian Royal wedding culture. In case, you need to tweak the card you can speak to our designer team for same.

Traditional Symbol: We all know that Muslim Nikah is steeped in tradition and the traditional vows exchanged are special. Our range of exquisite wedding cards are bespoke and exquisite. The cards have the traditional Islamic and Persian designs on them that show the Islamic culture and sets the mood for the oncoming event.

Hardcover padded collection: These cards are resemble a light weight coffee table book and is in vogue now days. If you are one of those who have a number of events lined up for the wedding, then these hardcover padded collection wedding invites are perfect for you. They can be used to invite your guests for multiple occasions with each page being an invitation of an event.

E cards: Now days, just invitation through hard copy wedding invites is not enough. It is also important to have an e card invite that you can send on people’s email ids. Not only are these cards cost effective and cheap as they are no courier cost involved but also these cards stay for eternity. We at IndianWeddingCards .in, also deliver E cards that can also be like a small motion picture depicting your love story.

In short no matter what kind of wedding invite you might want, we have just the perfect one up our sleeves. Take a look at our Islamic Wedding Invitations collection and find your dream wedding card within few minutes.

Sample images may have Religious logos / symbols that can be changed / removed as per requirement.