Gujarat is the symbol of cultural diversity. The vibrant cultural background of Gujaratis is formed by its rich heritage, traditions, festivals, art & crafts, folk dances, music and enriched lifestyle. So are the people of Gujarat, full of life. This is what reflects in a Gujarati wedding.

Marriages are a highly auspicious occasion in Gujarati Culture. People believe in celebrating all the ceremonies of wedding wholeheartedly and most importantly with the blessing of God. Gujaratis are highly pious which reflects in their wedding ceremonies such as Ganesh Sthapana, Mandap Mahurat, Gruh Shanti.

If we talk about enjoyment, Gujaratis are exceedingly spirited people. The love and affection between the family members is truly appreciable. The Gujarati Bride and Groom are very well treated with their fun filled ceremonies of Mehndi, Pithi, Chandlo Matli, Gor Dhana. And above all is their romantic, very energetic, colourful & playful Dandiya & Raas in the memory of Lord Krishna and graceful Garba in reverences of Ambe Maa.

Considering such an enriched culture of Gujarat in their weddings, picking up a perfect wedding card or as they call it Kankotri is definitely an interesting job to do. Generally, a Gujarati wedding card is very much colourful, bright, attractive and full of life. To match their magnificent & glamourous weddings, there must be a wedding card which is blend of culture & style. They usually have pictures on their wedding invites like a couple playing Garba, Baraat, Palki, Dulha-Dulhan. They usually have various functions and themes in their wedding which must be very interestingly evident in their wedding cards.

We at Seven colours, feels very fortunate to provide our services to Gujarati Weddings and providing them the best of the cards. Seven Colours is well facilitated to print the wedding cards or Kankotri in Gujarati language. We also encourage customized orders.

Online catalogue may have sample images for different faiths, but almost on many of the invitation designs the Religious / Gods logos or prints symbols can be changed as per requirement.

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