Quinceanera or Sweet 16 Party Invitations

A quinceanera is what we call sweet 16. It is a Latin American tradition which is basically the celebration of a girl finally stepping into adulthood. In our eyes she may still be a sweet sixteen teenager but according to Latin American traditions at sixteen she steps into adulthood and must be responsible for her actions. It usually consists of a big celebration where the girl is treated like not less than a princess. Dresses are involved, shoes, pillows, dolls a lot of things are involved in making a quinceanera perfect for the girl who’s coming of age. It is also very important for the girl to wear a tiara, it is basically equivalent to be crowned a queen or princess like they used to do in olden times.

The girl, or the quinceanera gets to invite close friends and relatives for her special event, and thus an even that is as special as this one needs a special invitation card. Quinceanera invitation cards are very simple and sweet, they usually have an imprint of a girl in a crown wearing a tiara on the cover to hint at the event. They consist of flowery and other patterns that make the card look very pretty customised according to the need and wants of the customer. IndianWeddingCards.in is one such online site that provides customised quinceanera cards to its customers globally. They are known for their full dedication in providing satisfaction regarding the customisation and designs needed by the customers. You cannot go wrong with IndianWeddingCards.in.