Indian weddings are always a big affair injected with fun, pomp and show. Bright and bold use of hues, extravagant d├ęcor and elaborate menus are always present at a big fat Indian wedding.

When it comes to celebrating a marriage; Punjabis are always ahead in the race. The weddings are filled with warmth, parties and a lot of fun. Punjabi wedding cards or Sikh wedding cards are made with a mix of vibrant colors and a tasteful theme. If you are looking for Sikh wedding invitations, you can go and buy online and delve into the world of myriad and innumerable options. You can choose from simple, understated ones to really fancy and bold ones. There are options available for all kinds of budgets and taste.

Online catalogue may have sample images for different faiths, but almost on many of the invitation designs the Religious / Gods logos or prints symbols can be changed as per requirement.

Check out! Sikh or Punjabi Wedding Sample Proofs for Inspiration and getting ideas for wordings. Click to Browse! External Link