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Tamil Wedding Cards Showcase Their Simplicity and Traditional Feel

The Tamilians are that community in India who has a simple lifestyle but a highly traditional approach. Their weddings like them showcase simplicity and traditional feel at the same time. They do not believe in extravagance and hence love to be married within closed relatives who are special for them. Like most other Indian religious weddings the Tamil wedding also is performed following various rites and rituals and by seeking blessings from the family and friends.

Various features of the Tamil wedding cards that make it a special invitation ritual:-
• Personalized Invitations – Being a very closed group, people of this community believes in personally inviting every relative on their wedding. Out of all the rituals and customs followed in a Tamilian wedding the most special and important one is hospitality. Their wedding cards not just call the guest for the wedding and have a warm message of love and respect for everyone to attend the wedding.
• Purpose clearly defined – The world is mesmerized by the glitz of a wedding but very few define the various traditions and customs to be followed clearly. It is known to all that the first impression that is created in the mind of a guest is from the wedding card the individual witnesses. With the help of the design of a wedding card an impression is created in the mind of the guest which helps predicting what to expect in the event.
• Wedding invitation vocabulary – The auspicious event of a Tamilian wedding is portrayed also in the invitation vocabulary or wordings in the card. By mentioning the names of the people requested to attend the wedding they make the invitation more personal and warm. Many cards have printed gesture of folded hands on the wedding cards showcasing the respect and love the guest is given on the eve of the wedding.
• Important information – An ideal Tamil wedding invitation has some mandatory information given on the card like the name of the bride and the groom along with their star signs. They also include the name of their relatives as a gesture to show respect to their ancestors.
• Experiments of card styles – Since years wedding cards are being sent to guests and relatives. However, times have changed and a lot of experiments are being made in every religion. The basic structure of a card remains all the same where a beautiful greeting message is sent to all the close people of the bride and the groom. By mixing insights from ancient card styles and experimenting with modern styles a perfect wedding card is created. Some very popular ways used are wooden scraps or leafy pamphlets that give the same feeling of the traditional values.
• In our country the primary steps while undergoing the plan of a wedding is to make preparation for sending the wedding invitation card. Believing marriages to be holy and auspicious every step taken in an event like this is made with great care and cautiousness. The Tamilian matrimony cards along with its simplicity create a lasting impression in the mind of the guests.

Sample images may have Religious logos / symbols that can be changed / removed as per requirement.

Wording Samples

Tamil Wedding - Wording Samples - Ideas and Inspirations !!

Check out! Tamil Wedding Sample Proofs for Inspiration and getting ideas for wordings for wedding invitation cards. These are the digital proofs with the text beautifully placed on inserts. We are open to all the customer feedback and style guidance as required on the orders.