Hardcover cards are also termed as padded cards as these are heavier than regular invitations. Wedding card buyers who are in search of unique designer cards often find padded cards more attractive and appealing. Hardcover card has a hard base as cover and the envelope for the card is in boxed form.

Padded hardcover cards have top covering in metallic paper sheet or satin fabric. Sometimes foam is also kept in between velvet cover cards as it gives wedding card a very soft feel.
Hardcover card weights above 100g and upto 400g. International shipping could be a little expensive due to heavyweight of invitations.

Hardcover cards are very popular among Punjabi Sikh community as they like their invitations to be very royal and they invite guests with the Sweetboxes in matching with the card. At Seven Colours, we accommodate all the request to manufacture matching sweetboxes for hardcover cards.

Hardcover cover cards available at our online store in all sizes, colours and themes. Theme based hardcover cards are popular in Indian weddings. Customers are always looking for good quality hardcover card, which they don’t go disappointed at our store as we offer very high quality cards and at very affordable prices.

Customization is now need of hour and we do customize hardcover cards. Keeping some limitations, we can customize cards in terms of logo, initials, insert colours. If the quantity is large then we make hardcover invitations completely as per clients requirements.

Online catalogue may have sample images for different faiths, but almost on many of the invitation designs the Religious / Gods logos or prints symbols can be changed as per requirement.