A very unique way to design your wedding card will be to make eco friendly cards. Although not much in demand, this can be a great option as one can gain extreme satisfaction in adding no negativity on the environment. “Going Green” today is the most important thought among nature lovers and hence nothing can be better than making an eco friendly wedding to support this. Some of the few ways to do this is using bags made of cloth while shopping instead of plastics, recycling bottles made with electricity, using solar power instead of electricity and many more.

However, when it comes to a grand event like a wedding we often shrug away from the entire concept. Fear, hesitation and unawareness makes up not do what we have in our minds. We become frenzy about the thought as we fear it might ruin the most important day of our lives.

Here is how you can have a hassle free eco friendly wedding invitation made:-

Using recycled paper – The first way to adapt to an eco friendly wedding card is to use paper which is recycled. A lot of trees can be saved if this medium is chosen to print the cards and is also highly cost effective. Usually paper which has been used already is transformed into a pulp and all ink is removed from it. Hence, a brand new paper is made that can be reused as an eco friendly invitation card.

Electronic wedding invitation – This is a very popular medium of wedding invitation amongst youngsters these days. The internet acts as a medium using which one can send out invitations using the email service. Instead of sending printed cards these days a majority of the people prefer sending cards electronically. The various websites offering cards has unique designer templates for e-cards as well.

Live invitation cards – This is another eco friendly form of wedding invitation which is usually made using flower seeds. Here the parchment consists of flower seeds along with the invitation and hence, derives the name of the living invitation. When the invitation is received the parchment is kept on soil. This gives birth to a new flower. As a result environment is not harmed. On the contrary it is adding to the natural resources.

Tree less paper cards – Cards made from tree less paper is another way to make ecofriendly invitations. Here no tree is sacrificed. The paper is available on online stores and has no association with any tree.

Personal invitations – A very smart way to invite your loved ones is to personally call every one of them or visit their houses. This way the entire story of printing a card will be avoided. Not only does this save trees and the environment but also helps building interpersonal relationship with the guests. A face to face chat over coffee inviting your relatives can one again reignite the lost bonding between individuals. Especially these days when our hectic schedules compel us to become unsocial.