cloth type wedding cards

For Indians, weddings are a huge occasion. Not just a time for celebration of two lives and their love for each other, but a celebration of being together with your family and friends and whole lot of happiness.

Wedding invitations are the first thing that one looks into, when we start off with the wedding preparations. We all look for that one wedding invitation card that stands out and yet it does not burn a hole in our pocket. A wedding invitation card should be more of a style statement, as it represents you. These days you get a huge variety of cards available in the market to pick from. Of late, Cloth wedding invitation cards are trending and is a real hit. Available in all styles, ranges and colors. Cloth wedding invitation cards are more or like the traditional paper wedding cards but made of cloth. They can be purchased online or from your local card designer on request. The trick is to choose what best suits your likes.

Few tips to help you select the right kind of Cloth Invitation wedding card:

• Selecting a color – When selecting a color for your wedding invitation card, it is best to have a little brightness to the card. Not eye catching, but just enough so it gets your readers attentions. For me, I love all colors related to wedding, be it marigold orange, deep red combined with a little gold, or yellow with lots of silver and Swarovski on it. You can also select card color matching your wedding trousseau.

• Choice of cloth variety for wedding invitation card – Thinking of wedding all types of fabrics cometo mind. Satin, silk, net, tissue. It is best is to keep your wedding card in Satin or Silk. It gives the invitation card a real classy look, with the smooth touch of the fabric. Makesyou just want to rush to the wedding.

• Pricing – When a matter of pricing comes, no one wants to go overboard, but at the same time does not want to look thrifty as well. Not to worry, Cloth invitation wedding card has a range from INR 50 – 600 per piece for all kinds of user budgets.

• Design, Look and theme – Cloth wedding invitation cards come in whole different styles of designs. You can opt for a standard square cloth invitation card or select a scroll design, you even have the option of a hardcover padded wedding invitation card. Since wedding is all about traditions and ceremonies. I would personally select a Scroll Wedding Invitation card, as this gives a very ethnic and royal feel. Theme is the second most important aspect to consider after selecting your design. Like we discussed, you can keep the theme of the trousseau you would be wearing on your wedding day or you can keep the theme matching the wedding decoration. If it’s a destination wedding, then you can always match to the place of the wedding. Sky’s the limit when selecting a theme.

It is best not to rush into a decision when selecting a cloth wedding invitation card. Always try to start off the process of card selection a few extra months before the wedding date. After all the wedding card is the only thing left for the guests to remember you by post wedding, so make the right selection.