Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Postcard Style Wedding Invitation

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is deciding on some unique invitation ideas. People need to know about the wedding. And what can be more fun and ecstatic if unique wedding invitation ideas are distributed? After all, it is the first official declaration of the love you share with your special someone.

There are traditional wedding invites like sending e-mails or calling up friends and relatives. These are indeed convenient. A formal invitation for a wedding, however, never goes out of style. It showcases your importance about the event. Also, it can act as a memoir for the guests who visit you on the big day. Here are some creative wedding invitation ideas.


Creative and unique wedding invitations

Inspired by the Bottle– These are hard to be missed by anyone. We often get inspired by the romantic wine bottle messaging style. Why not portray the same feeling of love towards your cherished people. These wine bottles are sold in special stores and do not have the labels on them. These are the specialized store where one can get wedding-related accessories and invitation ideas. Gift your guests a wine bottle each to make it a bit dramatic and unconventional.

Invitations on a Postcard An artistic and creative mind will always look for creative ways to send their wedding invites. If you and your fiancé have been traveling and have some beautiful snaps then you can get a postcard invitation designed by graphic designers. These print experts can create similar looking postcards for your invitation idea.

Destination Wedding Invitation – If you are going to a destination wedding and you want your guests to accompany, sending them n invitation card looking like an airplane boarding pass can do wonders.

CD Wedding Invitation Design A short beautiful film imprinting the love you share in the form of a CD can wow the guests like never before. Graphics specialists can design wedding cards and get them printed in the style and shape of a CD with a cover as an envelope. You can insert in your custom made CD audio visualization give the guests a breathtaking experience.

Pillow Styled Invitation– Invitation about a forthcoming wedding can be imprinted on small soft pillows of varied designs. Couples can also print their photos on the pillows as a memento. Watercolor effect on such prints gives wedding invitation pillows the desired elegance it requires.

Greeting Card wedding Invitations– Uniqueness can be added to wedding invitations by using classroom greeting doodles or fun sketches and comic elements in its design details. Showcase the story of your love through some quirky fun sketches or scribbles. In between inform the guests about the invitation. This is an engaging way to develop an interest in invitation cards.


Every wedding is special. There is a great motivation and special feeling engaged while developing the concept of a unique wedding invitation. Using any of the above ideas can definitely put you in the favourite list of your guests.