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Proofing Process

  • It all begins only after the order is placed with Seven Colours.
  • Once the text matter is well received on email, the order detail and the files are forwarded to our design team for the proofing.
  • Our team tries to design the best layout of the Inserts, Envelope or the Card, based on the text matter provided to us.
  • We are mainly focused on the design aspect of the invitation and its layout. So often, we do not read the text matter sent by the customer.
  • For any symbols required on the inserts or envelope, you must mention all your requirements on the email while sending the text matter.
  • Recheck the text matter at your end before emailing it to our team, so that we can save time on back and forth proofing works.
  • Once the first digital layout of the inserts and the card is ready, we immediately email that to our buyers.
  • The proofs will have the text matter only and not the design, as all the basic design of wedding cards to remain the same as shown online.
  • The customer or the buyer is expected to take some time and thoroughly check all the text matter and layout before confirming.
  • Once the proofs are confirmed, the order gets approved for the printing and then a printable version of the proofs is created to be printed.
  • We 100% guarantee that whatever the proofs are approved, it will be printed without any mistakes.

Accepted Payments and Shipping Carriers

Worldwide Shipping of Invitations from India to US, Canada, UK

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