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Ordering Customized Wedding Card

Generally we donot allow extreme customizations of the cards if ordering quantity is small, but in case you want anything to be customized to create an exclusive wedding card order for you then, you can email us your queries regarding the same.

Customization of wedding card, is feasible if the quantities are large.

You may ask for symbols change to bride and groom initials. Insert colours of the Invitations can be changed too at a little extra costs.

Buyers who are looking for customization must understand that producing a small batch of cards based on custom specification will have to bare all the minimum printing and setup costs involved in its manufacture and production.

Creating a customized wedding card, involves a lot of manual works and as a basic setup costs it may include, Paper-Sourcing and Cutting, Die-making, Die-Cutting, Printing Screens or Plates making, A variety of Printing process and steps based on colour matching and multi-colour printing, Sourcing of accessories like emblem, laser cutting works, ribbons, etc. and Finally the binding work for the wedding cards.

However, there are endless tasks involved in making a set of wedding cards, we are always eager to work for our customers requirements.

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