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Invitation Add-On Items

When buying invitations from our store, we offer many additional stationary items with the cards order. There are many add-on items which the buyers can include in their order.

RSVP cards:

These are small single sheet card of size 5.25" x 3.75" with a return address printed on the envelope. The insert size is 5" x 3.5" which is printed with the RSVP wording as per the requirement. The RSVP generally includes all the wedding functions and number of invited guests.

RSVP Cards Samples

Thankyou cards:

This is a small sized card 5.25" x 3.75". And it has a folded card with the text matter printing inside the card. The message is generally personalized. We try to match the Thankyou cards with the cards by using the same paper as of invitations.

Thankyou Cards Samples

Printed Address Labels:

Address labels are very helpful in distributing invitations to guests. These are self adhesive transparent labels which have names and address of the invited guests. We print A4 sheet which has 16 labels on it. Buyers can easily peel off the label and put on the envelope when sending the cards. In case where transparent labels are not suitable, we provide golden paper labels too.

Place cards or table tent cards:

Organising a wedding functions and managing the guests can be easier when you have a complete list of table sitting arrangement. For the same, we make table or place cards in tent shape in matching with invitations. The size of tent shape cards is generally 4.25” x 2.25”

Sample Tent Cards

Money envelopes:

Monetary gifts if given in good designer envelopes looks more appealing. We create money envelope in two sizes - Square (3.5” x 3.75”) and other Rectangular (7.25” x 3.125”). Printing is done on the envelopes, which can have names, address or with best compliments from.

Different Styles of Money or Gift Envelopes

Cake or Sweetboxes:

We make both hardcover and foldable type of boxes for sweets and cakes or chocolates. One should must enquire prior to ordering, so that we can assist as per their requirements, like what they want to keep in boxe and what size the buyer is looking for?

Ceremony Programme Books:

Programme books have a short summary of the wedding ceremony which is going to take place on the wedding day. We have ceremony books for Hindu, Sikh, Christian weddings. These wordings are completely customizable. These books are available in A5 size, Tri-fold Books, Fan-Petal style books, etc.

Menu card:

What’s in the Menu? Every guests has an anxiety to know when attending the special events. We create menu cards too as a part of wedding stationary. These are either a portrait printed on a single sheet or a folded one. Menu cards are also customizable as per the clients.

Tags / Stickers:

A small business card sized tags are useful for wedding packings, gifts, or any other decorative usages. These are totally in matching with the wedding invitation as well.


We offer Paper and Fabric Bags. These bags are of standard sizes and style. One must enquire before ordering so that we can suggest them as per their need.

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