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Font Styles

Seven Colours print your wedding invitation cards in English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, French, Dutch, Spanish or any language.

MS-Word files or text typed by you for other languages will be appreciated. If you are not satisfied with our fonts, you can send your desired fonts name with ttf files (True fonts files). We recommend you to send your text in word files via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We can print print invitations in ANY Language.

Below are some of the most popular fonts used by us to design the text matter, highlighting the names of bride and groom with decorative fonts.

ALS Script - 
Adine - 
Adobe Caslon Pro Bold Italic - 
Adorable - 
Albemarle Swash - 
Alex Brush - 
Allura - 
Amazone BT - 
Annabelle - 
Aphrodite Pro - 
Arab Dances - 
Arabian - 
Beau Rivage One - 
Beautiful ES - 
Bickham Script Fancy2 - 
Burgues Script - 
Century 751 Italic - 
Champignon - 
Civitype - 
Copperplate Gothic - 
Edwardian Script ITC - 
English Presto - 
Flemish Script BT - 
French Script - 
Gabriola - 
Garamond Pro - 
Garrett - 
Georgia Italic - 
Goudy Old Style Italic - 
Great Vibes - 
Italianno - 
Jacoba - 
Lucida Calligraphy - 
Monotype Corsiva - 
Precious - 
QT Black Forest - 
Saginaw - 
Samarkan - 
Sandy Text - 
Scriptina Pro - 
Sheer Grace - 
Sloop Script One - 
Vivaldi - 
ZapfChan - 
Zapfino - 

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